New Year Same Planet: A Guide to Easy Resolutions for the Planet

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New Year Same Planet: A Guide to Easy Resolutions for the Planet

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Resolution 1 Have at least 2 veggie meals a week 

Going veggie, or even partially veggie, cuts down on the large number of resources it takes to rear livestock. It also cuts down on the emissions and pollution caused by livestock. Have a look at this article to read more.  


Resolution 2 Declutter your home by donating or recycling 

We all have those drawers and cupboards that are full of old stuff we have no need for anymore. Me and my mum recently were clearing out the spare rooms at her house and found boxes full of what was essentially rubbish that just got stashed away because we didn’t know what to do with it. We sorted it all into piles of things that were still nice enough to donate and rubbish. We then filtered through that and sorted it into different types of recycling. If you decide to undertake this task too, I recommend looking up the recycling rules for your area and maybe keep a phone on hand to check what to do with any obscure things like old nail varnish bottles that need to be disposed of in specific ways. It can be tempting when it gets overwhelming to just chuck everything into general waste but that is not good for the planet. 



Resolution 3 Switch to a sustainable skincare brand  

There are lots of different ingredients that research has found to be potentially harmful to the environment. You can read about the ingredients that we should look out for in our products in this article. There are plenty of sustainable, local brands out there in the UK now. One that I have been interested in trying is UpCircle. They are a cruelty free, organic and zero waste skin care brand. They started by using used coffee grounds to make a skin scrub and it built up from there.  


Resolution 4 Try going paperless 

We probably all get a lot of junk mail or paper copies of phone bills or bank statements that we just glance over and then either throw away or file. Cutting these out and going paperless is a small thing you can do that is good for the planet. For junk mail, the easiest option is probably to get a sign for your door that states you don’t want junk mail to be delivered. This article lists other ways you can stop this type of mail. For you bills and statements, most companies have the option to go paperless but if you are stuck then don’t hesitate to contact the company directly for help.  



Resolution 5 Try a no-buy-month  

Probably the easiest way to do good for the planet is to just not buy anything. Obviously, we need food and the like but we are all guilty of buying things for the sake of it so try going one month without buying anything extra.  


Resolution 6 Switch out unnecessary single use items  

Single use plastic is a massive contributor to landfill so anything we can do to cut down our use will be great for the planet. The little things we pick up when we are out and about are the most likely pitfalls so trying to bring reusable versions of stuff you regularly get while you are out like coffee cups is the best thing to do. You can find other ways to cut down single use items in this article. 


Resolution 7 Learn to sew so you can mend your own clothes  

Learning to sew is such a useful skill! If you can hem a pair of trousers, sew a button on or repair a rip then you are well on your way to making your clothes last. Taking care of your clothing is a much better option than letting it get damaged and replacing it.  



Resolution 8 Walk 10,000 steps a day 

Not only will walking help your health but it will also improve your carbon footprint. If you walk instead of driving to get your step count up then you are doing something good for yourself and the planet  

 - Rachel