The Spring Transitionals: The Inspiration Behind Your Top Picks

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The Spring Transitionals: The Inspiration Behind Your Top Picks

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Our spring transitional pieces have been out for nearly a month now, so I think it's about time we had a look at your top picks for the season. We'll be talking about the top three trending pieces, and the inspiration behind their designs! 

The Rachel Breton

Coming in at first place is the Rachel Breton Top, named after an amazing intern we had join us temporarily. Breton tops have been a staple in the wardrobe for many generations. Ultra-classic navy and white horizontal stripe make it a super easy style to wear. The inspiration behind this unique Breton was our ambition to be continually innovative in the name of sustainability. We are proud to say it is entirely biodegradable: made from 100% natural materials, from the fibre to the thread.



The Melanie Top 

Another contender as top pick in this spring transitional collection is the Melanie Top, named after our Marketing Director’s mother. Brand new to Onesta, but resembling a similar style seen in the Autumn/Winter collection released last year. The inspiration behind the Melanie Top was providing the perfect transitional piece from Winter to Spring. Not ready to get the short sleeves out or wear super bright colours? But keen to put the jumpers away? This top is perfect for that strange inter-seasonal period when you're just not sure what to wear! p.s.. it also makes a great evening top in the summer.

The Tencel Tee 

The Tencel Tee has been part of the Onesta portfolio since we launched 18 months ago, originally released as part of the loungewear collection. But, you all seem to love it as a classic spring-time tee. The inspiration behind the Tencel Tee was to make a versatile t-shirt, perfect for any occasion. As our first product release, we were excited to provide clothes that looked great, but felt even better! Tencel fibre is made from the wood pulp of a eucalyptus tree, a fast growing, regenerative wood that has its own natural pesticides, making it super eco-friendly.


So that wraps up your top spring picks for 2022! And for all of those who are yet to make a purchase, our Summer collection is launching end of May, so make sure you get your hands on your favourite spring pieces before we say goodbye to some of them! 

A few things you should know if you're on the fence:

  • We offer a lifetime repair guarantee
  • Our garments are made in-house, or by social enterprises dedicated to creating opportunities for marginalised members of our communities
  • We are committed to a zero-waste initiative where not a single scrap of fabric goes to waste

Hope everyone is enjoying the longer days and finding the time to spend outdoors in the sun!

Happy Spring!

Lily x