Consciously designed and ethically made in Britain

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Winter Warmers

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  • Winter Warmers

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Investment pieces to love forever

Beautiful, thoughtful clothing made in Britain. We are not fast fashion, we are slow, considered fashion which lives in your wardrobe for years to come.

About us

Where style and ethics combine

Our positive impact

With small changes, we can make a big difference

Minimal waste

Low carbon footprint

Vegan Friendly

Sustainable materials

Ethical by design

Made in Britain

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How we give back


When you purchase from Onesta, you are:

Supporting British craftsmanship and skill

Part of an inclusive, sustainable community

Offsetting your impact on the planet

“For such a young company it has achieved a lot, especially when it comes to giving back to its community in South Wales, creating jobs where they have previously been outsourced abroad.”

- Penny Goldstone, Marie Claire Fashion Editor