Ambassador program

What do we expect?

On a weekly basis, you will be sent various optional assignments, which you can engage in. Assignments include, but are not limited to:

⁍ Sharing Onesta’s Instagram stories
⁍ Retweeting Twitter posts
⁍ Sharing product reviews and information with their audience.

Occasionally, influencers may be asked to retrieve feedback on Onesta from their audience, which they relay to the company.

What is in it for you?

Depending on the level of engagement you have
with the ambassador assignments, you could earn:

⁍ Onesta products to promote
⁍ A unique 15% voucher code for any Onesta purchase, updated monthly
⁍ Early access to collections
⁍ The opportunity to engage with an online community of other eco-influencers.

Engagement in the assignments will be reciprocated with engagement by Onesta with the influencer’s content, broadening the reach of their audience. This engagement may include:

⁍ Sharing of influencer’s Instagram pages
⁍ Offering exclusive content for blogs and websites.

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