Hello from our Creative Consultant!

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Hello from our Creative Consultant!

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Hi, I’m Hazel, Creative Consultant at Onesta! 

My love of clothing and my denial to contribute to the un-sustainable and wasteful practices of the fast fashion industry have made me lucky enough to end up at Onesta. 

Hazel Farm


Finishing my degree in 2019 led me to some difficult decisions about which area of fashion I wanted to pursue my career in, and how I wanted to live my life. I decided that the common route of moving to London to work in fast fashion - an industry that I did not believe in and felt ‘icky’ about - was not for me. Whilst working on my own projects as a graduate resident, I planned a long-held dream of walking the PCT in the US. Planning on starting in April 2020 (and getting married a week before!) both of these things did obviously not go to plan! I found myself at home and working more than ever (making scrubs for the NHS) and doing a whole lot of veg growing. This is when I found Onesta. Having such honest priorities and values that go hand in hand with my own, Onesta is such an exciting project and I cannot wait to be working towards something that feels good and doesn’t have any secrets.

When I’m not working (making clothes) - you’ll find me at home (making clothes!) or out walking/ running/ biking/swimming in the sea, or reading, knitting socks, growing vegetables and flowers, or dying fabric with plants. (I am old at heart!)

(Image context! I'm ptting up a homemade solarcamera in a field near home at the begining of lockdown - it's still up!)