Hello from our Operations Director!

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Hello from our Operations Director!

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Hi, I'm Heidi, Operations Director at Onesta Clothing.

With a background in business and communications and a passion for serving others, I have spent most of my career in non-profit organisations, working on everything from administration and data to creative design and writing. 

I am an avid traveller and have had the opportunity to see many different lifestyles and cultures around the world. These experiences have helped shape my values and priorities including a move towards sustainable living. Throughout my travels, I have seen poverty in many forms but it wasn’t until I started studying interior design and researching sustainable fabrics for interiors that I discovered the detrimental impact of the textile industry. I started looking into sustainable fashion and it was during this time that Gabriella shared her vision about a sustainable clothing company with me.

I met Gabriella in 2014 while studying a Master in Wellbeing in Public Policy and International Development at the University of Bath. Having moved back to the UK last year, Gabriella asked me to join her company and I am so excited for the opportunity to work alongside a close friend and a fantastic team that strives to make a difference and to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Outside of work, I am a West Coast Canadian gal with a love of food and cooking, being creative, and building community through hosting dinner parties. I am always dreaming of the next place to travel to and adventures to have.