Introducing Off The Record

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Introducing Off The Record

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Hey everyone! 

Welcome to ‘Off the Record‘! Can you believe we’ve almost been running a year? Over that time our team has grown so we thought it would be great to have space to speak more about what we are each doing in our own journeys to an Onesta life. If you are familiar with our regular blogs, you will know we like to cover factual topics like the toxicity of clothing or give you tips on how to live more sustainably. Don’t panic – these will keep going but not everything has to be so serious! 

We have kicked off with an entry from Gaby and Hazel who were lucky enough to go to COP26 on the 2nd November 2021 with the Heroes of Net ZERO competition. There is also a review of the True Cost Movie as although the documentary was released back in xxx, we like to pick something in our team catch-ups to chat about. Go ahead, explore and be on the lookout for more interesting insight into us…