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Halloween with Onesta

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With Halloween this weekend, the team here at Onesta thought we would share what our plans are. Personally, I love Halloween and all things spooky so I love hearing about what everyone is up to! 

This year for Halloween I am keeping it pretty low-key. I have some friends coming round to watch some scary movies (and the new episode of Doctor Who!). I’ve bought some pumpkins for carving but, knowing my friends, not all of them will be up for it so I didn’t go too overboard and can make soup with any leftover bits! I decorated this week with a mixture of old decorations from my uni days and a couple new additions. I take good care of my decorations when I take them down and pack them away until next year so I don’t have to throw any away and use them again and again. 

Our Operations Director Heidi will actually be in London getting ready for the Spirit of Christmas Fair in Olympia London. It is running from the 1st to the 7th of November so if you like to jump straight into the holiday spirit once Halloween is over, why don’t you pop down and see our stallIf she’s allowed to stay in, she will be cosied up in her Onesta loungewear in, possibly with a bowl of pumpkin soup. Yum! However I have been informed that Heidi’s dreams of relaxing are to be dashed as Grace and Gaby (who will also be at the fair) are dragging her out on the town to have a meal together! 

Ellen, who runs our social media, is going to a little Halloween party that her friend is throwing! She is dressing up like a pirate because it meant that a costume could be reused rather than buying new. She’s got an old white shirt, big thick belt to wear and a headscarf and will be plaiting her hair into a pirate style while borrowing a hook and sword from a friend. Definitely took onboard our tips for doing Halloween sustainably. 

Georgios will be getting involved with the spooky festive fun up in Edinburgh by taking part in costume competitions while drinking some Halloween themed cocktails! 

Jenny said she has absolutely no plans! Just going to stay in and watch scary movies. Her mum and sister will be getting crafty though! They are going to make a spooky mannequin to use as a decoration. Keeping it sustainable, they are planning to reuse it at Christmas too. 

We all love celebrating in our own ways here at Onesta and we would love to hear about what you are up to this spooky season! Go leave a comment on our Instagram post about the blog or post about your sustainable Halloween with the hashtag #livingmyonestalife! 

- Rachel